Saturday, August 23, 2008

How to run applications under system control programatically through C#

This Article describes how to run applications under control of o/s programatically with C#.For example one have to open notepad programatically or Internet Explorer or any other *.EXE application installed in system.
.Net framework provides 'System.Diagnostics' namespace which provides types to interact with process under o/s.For our current requirement we need 'Process' class under 'System.Diagnostics' namespace.'Process' provides static & instance methods to run an *.EXE application.Below i presented code to open notepad programatically.

the above piece of code opens the notepad.
Its also possible to send parameters to Process with the help of 'ProcessStartInfo' class.
For example if one wants to open internetExplorer & navigate to Google home page programatically , it can be done with following piece of code.


ProcessStartInfo startinfo = new ProcessStartInfo();
startinfo.FileName = "IEXPLORE";
startinfo.Arguments = "Http://";

When you run above code , a new IE window will be opened with Google home page.

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